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Monday, June 18, 2012

Catching Up: Surgery, Break-Ups, and Packages

Getting ready to go into surgery!
Hello readers! I'm so sorry that I haven't posted in nearly two weeks, but the past two weeks have been quite eventful for me. I had my surgery on the 6th. The doctor had scheduled to do what's called a septoplasty, but once he got in there, he realized my sinuses needed some work too. The surgery that was supposed to last a mere 45 minutes ended up lasting over an hour and a half. My parents were quite unsettled in the waiting room wondering what was taking so long. Everything went great during the surgery, however. When I started to wake up from the anesthesia, I was shaking like crazy! They kept asking me if I was cold, but I was just in that much pain! It was absolutely unbearable. My blood pressure has always been a perfect 120/80, but it shot through the roof. My usual 120 was approaching 200, and my typical 80 was over 100. Honestly, that was a little frightening to me. As my BP was quickly on the rise, the surgical team was in action. Being a nurse, even though I was still a little out of it, I was able to understand what was going on, and that scared me even more. However, I knew I was in great hands. The nurse almost didn't let me leave, but after giving me 3 times the IV pain meds they intentionally planned to, my blood pressure slowly started to go back down, and they said if I wanted to go home then I could as long as I monitored it. I didn't want to be anywhere but home, so we left! That was definitely the worst of it, and the worst was now over. The rest of that day and the next were pretty terrible too. As expected, the pain medication I was taking took the edge off the pain, but I was nowhere near pain free. At least the pain became a little more bearable. Nights were even worse. I had been instructed to remain in what the doctor calls "beach chair position" for 48 hours after the surgery. I had to lean back constantly or my nose would start bleeding. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy my couch time, but 48 hours of doing nothing but laying on my couch? I was absolutely miserable! That Friday I went back to the surgery center to have my splints and packing taken out. Holy cow...I didn't know so much stuff could fit up my nose! I have pictures of the splints, one in each side, which were enormously larger than my nostrils, but I will spare you the graphic photos. Then the packing consisted of a few foot long strips in each nostril. If they were to have started pulling my brains out of my nose, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have noticed, because that's exactly what it felt like. Ewww. Anyways, I have mostly spent my days since then recovering. I look fine from the outside, but the inside of my nose looks like someone tried to trim my nose hairs with a chainsaw. I am also still very swollen internally and am having trouble breathing, and honestly, the progress is slow to nonexistent. I am still having headaches, but the doctor said they should subside with the swelling. We will see about that. I'm still very hopeful!

If the surgery wasn't hard enough on me, Justin decided that we would be better off as friends right now. He explained that we have had a great relationship, and I am the best girlfriend he could ever ask for, but it's just not meant to be right now. How can he tell me I'm everything he wants, but we aren't meant to be? I don't really understand, but then again it wasn't my decision.
....and people say women are complicated? Grrrr.
 Honestly, since he has been home from his last job, I think he has just gotten overwhelmed as we have been together nearly 24/7. We need space from each other, even I know that. He left on Thursday night for a job in Jacksonville, FL, so we will definitely be getting plenty of space. We still care about each other so much and have continued to stay in contact since he left. Things are looking up; we will see how things go in the next couple of weeks.

On a different note, I have officially received my first Foodie Penpal package! I was so excited to open it up! However, I can't tell you about it until the 30th, so be looking for my post about it! I also sent my package out to my penpal on Friday, so I hope Kayce will enjoy it! If she hasn't received it yet, she will be getting it any day now. She will also be guest-posting on my blog at the end of the month, so look for her special post as well. She will be my first guest blogger, so I'm excited for a new first!

Back at work!
Anyways, I am back to work today up at the City Hall. I feel absolutely awful. I can't breath, my head hurts, my nose hurts, and I'm hungry....but I'm still smiling! However, I would much rather be sitting here feeling bad and making money than sitting at home all day feeling bad and not making money. So, I really shouldn't complain too much! I am determined to have a good day and a good week. Happy Monday y'all!            

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